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      Shenzhen De Run Li Jia Company limited

      Found date: 18 Oct, 2013
      Business Scope: Sale of IVD equipment and consumables
      De Rui Li Jia is one of the Primary-level distributors of Roche Diagnostic. It distributes Roche’s diagnostic products in Sheng Zhen Province and is one of the fastest-growing IVD distributors of Roche Diagnostic in Southern China.

      Guangzhou Sheng Shi Yuan Trading Company limited

      Found date: 9 Apri,2010
      Business Scope: Sale of IVD equipment and consumables
      Sheng shi yuan distributes Roche's diagnostic products in Guangdong and Hainan Province.It has maintained a long-term business relationship of over 10 years with Roche Diagnostic. Sheng Shi Yuan has diversified IVD products, not only Roche but also Sekisui and Luminex's IVD products as supplement.

      Beijing Kaihongda Technology Co.,Ltd.

      Founded in May 11, 2011
      Kaihongda is a professional company specializing in the marketing and sales of Roche Biochemical, Immunological Instruments and Reagents in Beijing and Hebei Province.

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